Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gaza air strike 'kills children'

Many of the injured are children

An Israeli air strike on a car in the Gaza Strip has killed two children and a teenager, Palestinian officials say.

The occupants of the car leapt out before the blast in a crowded street in the Jabaliya refugee camp, witnesses say. Fourteen people were wounded.

The Israeli military confirmed it had attacked the vehicle.

Israel has repeatedly struck targets in Gaza in response to rocket attacks by militants, who have fired dozens of volleys into Israel in recent days.

Hundreds of angry Palestinians gathered to protest at the scene of the latest explosion.
Those who died include a boy and a girl - both about five-years-old - and a 16-year-old girl, Palestinian medical sources say.

Khalil Roka, a cousin of one of the dead children, told the Associated Press news agency he saw a red flash as the car exploded amid a group of children playing.

Several of the injured are also said to be children.

The BBC's Alan Johnston in Gaza says civilians are often killed when Israel targets militants in crowded areas.


A spokeswoman for the Israeli army said the attack had targeted members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, a militant group associated with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party.

Israel says such strikes are necessary to deter militants from firing crude rockets from Gaza.
Last week, an Israeli strike on a van carrying militants in Gaza City left nine people dead, seven of them civilians.

Earlier this month, eight Palestinians - including seven members of one family - were killed in an explosion as they picnicked on Gaza's beach.

Israel denied Palestinian accusations that its shelling had caused the blast.

People in the southern Israeli town of Sderot, frequently hit by Palestinian rockets, went on strike on Tuesday to protest that the government was not doing enough to protect them.

source: BBC view Video Report

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A date with KHAN said...

This is totally out a grave act of state terrorism. How can any culture, religion or civilization accept innocent children being killed? This news comes as a great tragedy and anger at the state of the Zion terrorist Jews. With all the money they suck from the poor effected Palestinians and funding they get from their ally US, they yet fail to recognize that Children will be killed with their sophisticated military and technology. The world and especially the west have shown double standards and clearly have view Muslims as non-Human beings thus killing few children here and there does not matter.

This act of Jewish terrorism is well orcastrated and designed to increase the anger of the Muslims living in Palestine and the rest of the world. This (as the Jewish state terrorists know) will have retaliation which is what they want, so they can continue striking the future (children) of Muslims.

Had this been other way around the world would consider this an despicable act of state terrorism, but since it’s the Muslims on the receiving end they shall proudly label it as “Israeli self defense”. This is double standard by the west and I totally reject any excuse from any official whether he be in Palestine, Europe or America.