Wednesday, June 21, 2006

HYPE Video "Don't Know What's Coming"

"Don't Know What's Coming" video

Four members of HYPE (Help Young People Express), a Southampton-based Young People's Advisory Group, have produced a video called Don't Know What's Coming that looks at the effects of domestic violence on young people.

The group of four chose to use music, drama and video to express their feelings on the issue of domestic violence.

Together with local artists and musicians, the girls produced a short video that was shown at the NSPCC Young People's Conference in October.

The group worked with two musicians over six evening sessions to produce the song, Don't Know What's Coming (Till It Hits You) which features as a key part of the nine-minute video. The film also contains some simple, stark messages about the effect of domestic violence on young people and gives out advice, such as don't keep it inside.

The girls were encouraged to take the lead on all aspects of planning and producing the video so they felt it was truly something they owned. The group of four got to star in the video and record the song in a recording studio.

Source: NSPCC

Big Thanks to the Young People at HYPE and the other organisations involved for the Video and the Great work they do

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