Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nepal riots injured hundreds of children

Pictered Above

Nepali Father and Child

KATHMANDU, Nepal, May 18 (UPI) -- Hundreds of Nepali children were injured in violence during recent protests aimed at overthrowing the king and restoring democracy, a study has found.

The Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Center found that 224 children below 18 were injured in different parts of the Kathmandu Valley during the recent movement for democracy, which resulted in the re-establishment of the national parliament.

Another 49 cases were discovered in towns outside the valley, Nepali newspaper Kantipur reported Thursday.

Among the total injured, 119 were below 16 years of age, according to the center's investigation.

One girl was killed, 21 children sustained bullet wounds, 34 suffered head injuries and 29 had fractures in different parts of the body, the report said.

Kumar Bhattrai, the center's program coordinator, said that children should be considered a "peace zone" and should not be victims of political violence.

Source: United Press International

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