Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rights For Children Music Video

Music video, Human Rights For Children Now! Music by Black Eyed Peas "Where is the Love". Images of children from around the world. By


Denise said...

Love this.

I will send the link to friends who are childcare workers.

All the best


Colette Mengiles said...

Hi Denise

Thanks for your comment on Natural Childhood, your commet is the first one. I feel this is appropriate as you have been a great inspriation to me and also a great support thanks Denise.

Your blog Dens Den is also ground breaking work on highlighting CIA torture flights so called extraordinary rendition. Well done

Dens Den can be found here:

Best wishes and repect to you and your family

Shako said...

Great work. Salute you. I've added your site to my blog. Thanks!!

Colette Mengiles said...

Hi ShaKo

Thanks for posting my video and providing a link to natural childhood. :)

Best wishes

JorgeMA said...

Muy hermoso trabajo, soy Jorge Montoya de México, trabajo a favor de la Resiliencia y capacito a los profesionales de la Infancia. Deseo ocupar su trabajo -el video- si me lo autorizan.
Mi blog es
Muchas Gracias y felicidades.