Monday, July 30, 2007

Multiple Personality Disorder - Video

Documentary by Michael Mierendorf 1993.

Source: Google Video


Anonymous said...

hey this video is like really interesting im not really in to dis stuff but i liked this and hope u put more of those cause there intersting

Anonymous said...

as a host in a multiple personality system (now called disociative identity disorder) this video allowed me to see what others see when they interact with us. for months my therapist has wanted to tape our sessions and i refused. now i see what others see.
i am strong-we survived.
now we must put the pieces together again.
creation through necessity.

imelda said...

this is intresting.. my mom doesnt have multiple personality BUT evertime she talks about her father she crys.. its really rare to hear my mom talk bout her childhood since she was abused. She would have nightmares about it because she would see her father face. its quite sad ):

Jeanette Bartha said...

This is bunk and a non-existent diagnosis.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let u know that my mom is the host in an mpd system. I never got to know her since she signed over her rights when I was 8 months. I finally met her a few years ago and I now understand y she gave me to my dad. It was hard at first cause some of her alters are very hateful but I've made friends with a few and I find it easier to cope with. It scares me that I don't no if its genetic too. Its sad as even with my mom being the host I don't really get to talk to her if u no what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Hey I live with someone with mpd. Its not easy at all. If u had a family member who suffered from this you wouldn't doubt it one bit.