Monday, January 22, 2007

Family bid to aid young addicts

Alcohol and drug addiction among teenagers in Glasgow is to be treated with a new form of therapy that involves their family.

A pilot project will see about 40 teenagers with addictions take part in family therapy.

The holistic approach - developed by the University of Miami - aims to tackle a problem which currently affects about 1,000 teenagers.

Professor Cindy Rowe said the treatment had been successful in the US.

Professor Rowe, of the University of Miami, has travelled to Glasgow to train 10 staff.

Forefront of treatment

She said: "This type of comprehensive family-based treatment is now seen internationally as an effective tool in reducing adolescent drug use and other psychological, family and social problems."

The Glasgow Addictions Service will roll out the initiative from February.

Professor Rowe added: "We saw this collaboration as a great opportunity to address the problem of substance misuse among young people in Glasgow."

The University of Glasgow's Centre for Drug Misuse Research will be examining the treatment and assessing its effectiveness.

If it proves successful, it will be rolled out further.

Gemma McNeill, senior officer with the Glasgow Addiction Service, said "The fact we will soon be able to add therapy to the range of interventions offered to young people will keep Glasgow at the forefront of drug treatment and support."

Five other European countries are exploring the therapy, with the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and France in the process of training staff.

Source: BBC

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