Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Independent Appeal: Help save Lebanon's children

Of the 615 people so far confirmed dead in Lebanon, Save The Children says that almost half are children. They make up one third of the 3,225 injured, and about 45 per cent of the nearly one million Lebanese refugees are under the age of 18, according to Unicef.

But despite the shocking images and the harrowing accounts of suffering, there is an acute shortfall of money raised for the children caught up in the conflict. They need help now.

The Independent and Save the Children are launching an appeal for the children of Lebanon, for urgent food, medicine and clothing desperately needed as the violence continues to escalate.

Save the Children stresses that just £1 will buy candles and matches for a family; £10 will help provide adequate hygiene for a child and £50 will pay for food for a family in the short term. But international agencies say the public response has been surprisingly slow to appeals for funds.

Donate now by visiting or call our free emergency donation line 0800 8148 148

Source: Independent

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