Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rockridge Institute

The Rockridge Institute is a progressive "think tank" working under the direction of Senior Fellow George Lakoff. Principally the Institute examines the underlying cognitive linguistic framework of American politics and society.

American society, for a variety of reasons, is thoroughly documented and studied and provides a wealth of scientific data for sociological examination.

Of particular interest is the institute's analysis of the framework of belief underlying both the conservative world view and the progressive world view.

These two articles provide a useful insight into the deeply held emotional framework of belief of both family types.

The progressive world view is founded on the The Nurturant Parent Family model and the conservative world view on the Strict Father Family or authoritarian family model.

Examination of these two family models reveal fundamental psychological differences that need to be understood if measures to reduce and eliminate child abuse are to gain widespread public support.

Rockridge Institute

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