Friday, February 03, 2006

Child mistreatment, Child abuse

Alice Miller gives us great clarity in her writings and gets her message across in the most natural and emotionally intelligent ways. She explains the impact childhood trauma plays in all our lives. The root of violence is to be found in the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children, the impact on the brain, body and the wider world.

Alice Miller also gives us hope for the future and shows how the brain, body and emotions can heal. If we can feel the truth of our childhood history authentically and feel the full impact of the pain and abuse we suffered and had to suppress in order to survive. This is the reality most children and young people suffer everyday.

She has a manifesto to ban smacking globally. We have it in our hands to change the physical, sexual and emotional abuse and torture of children and young people. Alice Miller gives us the tools to make this possible. Lets start by ending the smacking of children.

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