Friday, July 17, 2009

"Hi-dee-Hi-Dee-Ho. The Paddle's Got to Go!"

It's America's 223rd Independence Day and one portion of it's citizens are still unprotected by the U S Constitution...its most precious resources...its children.

Join The Hitting Stops Here!, Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education, and other Children's Rights Advocates in demanding safe nurturing schools for ALL of our children. All children want to go to schools that are free from legalized assault and battery.

Our president's children will never go home with bruises on their bottoms or spend a day in harmful seclusions and restraints. All responsible caring adults will be better equipped to help our school children gain their rights by reading the recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report and the ACLU: A Violent Education report. You may listen/read these informative documents by going to and clicking on "Help Support Our Work".

Warning: The contents of these documents are very disturbing!

That's why our children need you to know what they are facing in our schools daily, and it is widespread to the point of numerous fatalities. Support our children by saying..."Hi-dee-Hi-DEE-Ho. The Paddle's Got to GO!

Please see our "Message Board" to find out how you can get started helping today at (Go to Help Support Our Work.)

America's school children are ready for a CHANGE that does not require First Aid, Emergency Medical Help, and Mental Health Services.

Thank you,

The Hitting Stops Here!

Source: The Hitting Stops Here

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