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How Christmas Destroyed America

Sticker, Left seen near Great Western Road, Glasgow, Scotland

By Ed Howes

21 December, 2006

"He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake."

The first god of most American children is a false god, more powerful than any to follow. When we are too young to understand much of anything about Jesus, a conspiracy of deception which includes parents, neighbors and media, promote a bearded fat man who has powers of God and judges children around the world.

The scam is not intended to last a lifetime, just long enough to teach a child no authority in his or her life is ever to be trusted. If those who love you will deceive you just because they think it is great fun, others will do so for no better reasons or for some perceived advantage. You might say a child lacks the sophistication to make such a connection. You would be as wrong as your parents and grandparents. All worthwhile relationships are founded upon trust. When those you admire, respect and model destroy that trust, they create a lifelong cynic.

We do not want to see the connection between Satan's Claws and a society indifferent to all which is done in their name. But the clear lesson of an American childhood is; one cannot trust anybody. Truth is relative. Believe what pleases you and ignore the rest. We go to school, not to learn what we need or want to learn, but what people who cannot be trusted want us to learn. Indeed, we learn much which was not intended, not least the many deceptions of other children, different from our own. When we are innocent and unsophisticated, some things we learn are overwhelming, but if we ask any adult authority about some troublesome matter we are ready to discount whatever they say because we know no one is to be trusted.

After we have had our illusion shattered by the truth about Satan's Claws and often before, we are introduced to yet another god of some sort. One which sees all we do and judges us. Fool me once, shame on you. Perhaps we have also been taught about an Easter Bunny, a Tooth Fairy and a Boogeyman, all with supernatural powers of one kind or another. Will the real god please stand up? Never mind, it is all make believe and illusory. We will eventually learn what really matters in America. To stop whining and do as we are told. The better we are at doing this the further we will go in life.

We learn when we are obedient we are rewarded and when we are disobedient we are punished. Truth is never relevant to any argument over proper and improper authority, since all are liars at the least and worse, bullies, thieves and murderers. And for all these types we must cope with, there are exceptions to the rule which validates their authority while excusing criminal behaviors. Politicians come immediately to mind. Tell you one thing and do another, just like mom and dad. So why should I care about anything I hear is going on? Chances are part or all of it is a lie to get me to do something stupid someone else wants to see me do.

If the President of the United States is playing Satan's Claws this year, bringing the gift of democracy to hundreds of millions, why of course he is and pigs fly. Other than the fact it is all being done in my name, why should I care? Is it my job to pull his sleigh? No, it is my job to be a good elf and pay the taxes that guarantee the credit he needs to play Satan's Claws. Hugo Chavez smells the sulphur and some of us elves are offended. How dare he?

So we are a material nation, spiritually retarded to the nth degree because our rewards are all material and our punishments material deprivations. Like our first romance, our first god never leaves us and most Americans will pass this most wonderful gift of betrayal to their own children who will later be encouraged to kill and die to bring Santa to the rest of the world. Let us boast to the world how great we are, doing all things in the name of God and country.

Source: Counter Currents.Org
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